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“Lots of stuff for white people” Sachin Chadwick

My name is Jon Chadwick, Managing Director of Durham Distillery.  Right now I am busy building a new Distillery in central Durham.

Before I made craft spirits I worked for the Government, and in different roles I saw most of the what the State does from healthcare to prisons, and lots of bits of the civil service.

I am also a miserable twisty faced Nothern malcontent, who hates paperwork and bureaucracy and all that goes with it.  Which is probably why I don’t work for the Government any more.

I started writing a blog to keep my faculties busy, and because I was struck by how different the real economy looks like from an Industrial Estate outside of Durham rather than an office in Whitehall.

Specifically I wanted to talk about why I think that most of the stuff I used to believe about the economy and the world of work were wrong.

The idea was to try and write for 2 years which would span the period from the Brexit vote to actually leaving. Brexit, and this blog turned out to be longer than I expected and I surprised myself that I had more to write about than I thought

You can contact me on jon.chadwick1@btinternet.com

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