The NHS | Labour have a good policy! Shock!

While we were all in shock after the Supreme Court ruling that Boris Johson is an idiot we missed this part of Corbyn’s speech

If I understand it correctly a Labour Government would use to current public sector research and purchasing spend on pharmaceuticals to create a public sector owned pharmaceutical company which will compete with it’s establish private sector rivals. This will piss off Pfizer and MSD but it won’t replace them.

This is a really good policy and goes beyond Labour’s usual “nationalise everything” mantra. The amount of money that the public sector spends on drugs reasearch and NHS pharmaceuticals budget should buy much bigger leverage in the market.

This is the full policy document here:

The whole policy is actually stolen almost word for word from a policy document published by Mariana Mazzucato from UCL. In this case stolen isn’t a bad thing:

Of maybe they just read my blog from the start of the year?

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