Pop Quiz | New Wave P1.

While are all in lockdown I’m going to run a weekly Saturday morning pop quiz, focussing on the 1980s, which means from the very late 70s to the very early 90s. Each week will take a different musical theme from the era, so that people with different musical tastes get an even chance.

This weeks quiz is 25 hits from the post punk/new wave era.

Just to make it a bit more challenging I’ve removed the verses and chorus from each track leaving only the intro and the outro.

You can send me the answers via Facebook, Twitter or email (the links should be at the top of the page). I’ll try and keep a leader board over the next few months.

Answers in a few days.

Happy listening!

2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz | New Wave P1.

  1. 1. sixty eight guns – the alarm, love that song. 2. something by big country can’t remember. 3.? 4. planet earth duran duran. 5. jimmy jimmy undertones. 6. my sharona, knack. 7.? 8. kids in america kim wilde 9. happy birthday altered images, pinky blue’s their best album. 10.? 11. call me blondie 12. another girl, another planet the only ones, one of their best songs. 13.? 14.tenpole tudor something, my buddy had that in highscool. 15. john cooper clark something 16.? 17. reward by teardrop explodes 18. echo beach by somebody i don’t remember 19. melt with you modern english, one of the best nuclear fallout love songs. 20. rebel yell billy idol. 21. love missle f1-11 sigue sigue sputnik old comrade of billy idols eh, tony james. 22. making plans for nigel, xtc. 23. message in a bottle the police. 24. is it that guy on urgh a music war. 25. toy dolls something.

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