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If you thought that last weeks quiz was too trendy for you this should be good news.

This week features 18 tracks which no-one has ever accused of being fashionable or cool. The sort of 80s pop songs your 6th form Geography teacher would buy to play on their new CD player. Apologies if I’ve included your favourite 80s hits, but that’s how it goes.

Once again the tracks are jumbled together, so pick them apart the best you can. Especially the little cockney bongo miracle.

3 thoughts on “Pop Quiz | Phil and friends

  1. Pop Quiz 28 March attempt

    1. no idea
    2. everybody’s gotta learn sometime The Korgis
    3. Phil Collins I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight
    4. Kate Bush Don’t Give Up
    5. I know this but I can’t remember and I’m not gonna cheat
    6. Living years, Mike and the mechanics (?)
    7. is this also phil collins? don’t know the song is it called Don’t Go?
    8. Set Them Free by no idea
    9. Hall & Oates Abracadabra
    10. Dire Straights – MTV
    11 Owner of a Lonely Heart by can’t remember
    12. Handle me with Care by don’t remember Dave Edmunds maybe?
    13. Flock of Seagulls? I never meant to break your heart
    14. no idea but it called Easy Rider?
    15. I KNOW THIS but I can’t remember…. (We didn’t start the fire…)
    16. Oh God another one I know but can’t remember…just realised we’re not meant to be guessing the titles
    17. I seem to have missed two whole songs, with is rubbish

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