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Last month I wrote about the potential for Coronavirus to take hold in rural America. Since then the situation has worsened rapidly, and we are way beyond what I considered a worse case scenario.

Without a big change of plan they will at least double their number of deaths before the election. Trebling the number of deaths by then isn’t the worst case. It could get a lot worse than that.

Clare Fox, a genocide denier and an unapologetic supporter of the IRA bombing campaign is now a member of the House of Lords. Ian Botham has also been given a peerage, making him the first person to send an unsolicited dick pic before becoming an MP

And in case you missed it the Office of National Stastics have ruled that the Government has re-nationalised the Railways. Emergency changes to how rail services are run has brought them back into public ownership.

I’m not sure if we will ever see them back in private hands again

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