Trump voters | Why?


For my last blog before the US elections I had hoped to persuade some Trump supporters to share why they were so keen to see him re-elected.

Sadly I was only able to find two Trump supporters to share their views, one from the US, one from the UK. Not sure whether this is an omen for next weeks vote

US Trump voter

Much like your iPhone needs a hard reboot, so do governments. The United States was due for a hard reset in 2016, only we didn’t know it, we didn’t know it until election night. Donald Trump is a reset of America. A reset of our values. A man who hates the swamp is now destined to fight it to the end. 240 years after America declared it’s independence Donald Trump won the presidency. It needed a reboot. The ideals of the country had not gone stale. The virtues of the country had not gone stale. But those who have served our country for decades in Washington had grown beyond stale, they had become corrupt. The corruption has started to build upon itself, enveloping members of both parties. An outsider with a back bone was needed, and that person was Donald Trump. I am voting for Donald Trump because we need another four years of draining the swamp and its creatures out of the Beautiful story that is America. The last best hope for man on earth.

UK Trump supporter

In truth I feel the media bias against Trump has been the poison. Everything he has done in his presidency is to make America great again and employment figures and stock market gains prove he has been on track. Also his fight against big Pharmaceutical pricing has allowed many medicines to be affordable to the poorer Americans. He has fought to bring back industries to America, that were sold off to China by Obama/ Biden. I truly believe his whole focus has been to a country he loves. The trouble is to do that he has had to go up against the cabal, some will laugh that they dont exist, well the past four years its been pretty much proven that they do, let’s face it money talks and the media puppet propaganda (owned 100%,) have been deriding Trump ever since he became President. He said he was going to drain the swamp and that is the battle he has been undertaking, hence the utter dictate of an owned MSM that never gave him an inch and hence so many people disliking him who in actual fact have no reason to think that way apart from what they have read, truth didn’t have to be any part of the stories, as long as it got headline and the reactions they wanted. Even through all of the bad press, so many people saw through it and saw a guy doing his best against all odds to do his best for his country, and in doing so tick some pretty important boxes along the way for the rest of the world. As i said MSM have had a huge impact on peoples opinion of Trump. I come into contact with some in the UK who hate Trump, why would any person in the UK have a passionate hate for him, it just makes no sense . Purely and simply even the media here have tried to make him into a massive hate or joke figure. This is about so much more than Trump, this is about allowing China to become THE super power. The Democrat party are in Chinas pocket, Obama was and Biden still is, albeit he probably can’t remember….lol! There is so much corruption involved and thats what closing down Trump has been about all along. Hence Russia gate etc., and every other thing they threw at him. They didn’t want the golden cow slaughtered, they have all been plundering America non stop for years. Do you know Trump doesn’t even take a salary for being President, he donates it to a cause he choses, Not sure any other President has ever done that before. Yes we can throw this backwards and forwards and only when the dust dies down will we see either how sad this is for America and the world or if its positive. I always respect opinions and read other views with respect and interest, its always good to glean others thoughts without the drama that can be attached .

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