Boris is not a liar | Why the fines don’t matter (updated)

Boris Johnson is not a liar

A liar is someone who knows the truth and cares about it, but who take step to conceal it and promote a fabrication instead

Boris is a bullshitter.

He will say anything to get his way. Whether he wants money, or power, or attention, or simply to escape from the latest mess he is on he will say whatever it takes

He opens his mouth and lets the wind blow his tongue around.

His bullshit corrupts the political fabric of the UK. He encourages the cynical view that all politicians are the same, all equally dishonest. Cynicism is the next door neighbour of gullibility – if you believe that everyone tells lies you are free to believe whatever connects with your own prejuedices and preconceptions. A society that expects dishonest and poor governments is easier to control and manipulate than one that hopes for a better future.

For the Government to confront his bullshit they would have to accept that the Brexit vote was won by similar bullshit, a fantasy world of bunting bullshit rather than engage with reality.

But they won’t want to confront that difficult topic and so Boris won’t be forced out because he was fined by the Police, or for any other unlawful acts. Instead he will stagger on until he is too much of an electoral liability when he will be replaced by someone else who will tell a slightly different set of lies.


I think we can now predict what lines Boris supporters will take to excuse away his actions:

It was only a fine

Boris is a character people knew that when they voted for him

He Got Brexit Done

Outside of Westminister no-one cares about it

We have all moved on

Now is not the time/he is mates with Zelinsky

Lowest Taxes in a generation

3 thoughts on “Boris is not a liar | Why the fines don’t matter (updated)

    1. He is the symptom of a real crisis in our politics, but also the herald of much worse to come unless those of us who don’t share his politics can find enough common ground to vote in a different kind of politics

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