2 thoughts on “Music of the year | 2022

  1. Enjoyed most of these, although largely new work by artists where I had a previous release.

    The two new albums I’ve listened to most

    Marina Allen’s ‘Centrifics’ – Laurel Canyon via Joanna Newsom. This was a real grower, it’s a very ‘easy’ listen but there’s a lot going on in the arrangements and lyrics that lifts it above being a simple Tapestry throwback.

    Andrew Bird – ‘Inside Problems’ – I only started paying attention around ‘Bloodless’ and listening back, earlier work is musically great but often lyrically clever – there’s an emotional directness in the last two albums that makes the difference.

    The old album I listened to most was Joanna Newsom’s ‘Divers’ – for whatever reason, I had only played a few times when it came out, but last year it clicked.

    Bonus mentions – Angel Olson – Big Time – for that Cowboy Junkies spot.

    Work Money Death – Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction – spiritual jazz from ATA Records in Leeds.

    In through the door too late – all my music friends have been raving about the new Weyes Blood – it’s in a similar area to the Marina Allen, although given her earlier noise work it’s obviously a more conscious ‘working with tropes of classic West coast songwriters’.

    Sault put out 6 albums in November, which I’ve not had time to digest. ‘air’ didn’t quite work for me, though I generally love orchestrated soul.

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