Trumpanomics | Truth Social and Lies Corporate

Two and a half years ago Donald Trump was banned from Twitter for posting inflamatory conspiracy theories.

His response was to set up his own social media network called Truth Social. Tweets were called Truths, and Donald was the most truthed of all.

The financial structure of Truth Social was complex – there were 2 companies involved: Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) which operated Truth Social and a shell company called Digital World Acquisition Corp, which would raise money from investors, merge with TMTG and float on the New York Stock Exchange.

Truth Social’s financials were opaque until a Whisteblower contacted the US Securities and Exchange Commission to report financial irregularties. As a result the merger is the subject of ongoing investigations from the SEC, Department of Justice and a New York Federal Grand Jury.  Sounds familiar

In November 2022 Elon Musk bought Twitter, now called X, and reinstated Trumps account. Trump declined to tweet in order to promote Truth Social.

Truth Social is losing money and needs to merge with DWAC to survive, however the losses and ongoing court cases have caused DWAC investors to pause the merger.

Clearly TMTG are getting desperate because they are sending out begging emails to anyone who might hold DWAC stock asking them to approve the merger. They must have been desperate because they asked me for help.

And then on Thursday night Trump appeared back on Twitter, killing Truth Social forever.

This was followed swiftly by an appeal for money to fight his ongoing legal battles the deep state and save America.

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